JUN 11 – JUN 24, 2016

True to its commitment to showcase emerging artists through extramural
exhibitions, in parallel to MANIFESTA 11 Zurich, Palais de Tokyo
presents the exhibition “Your Memories are our Future”. The show is
the fruit of a unique partnership with the art production company
ACRUSH AG settled in a former railway maintenance plant.

With: Mathis Altmann, Darren Bader, Julie Beaufils, Nina Beier, Bruno
Botella, Jean-Alain Corre, Athene Galiciadis, Dorian Gaudin, Ken
Kagami, Tobias Madison and Emanuel Rossetti, Mia Marfurt, Anita
Molinero, Shana Moulton, Marina Pinsky,Pablo Réol, Maxime Rossi.

Curators: Julien Fronsacq (Curator, Palais de Tokyo) and Scipio
Schneider (ACRUSH)

The exhibition, by its curator, Julien Fronsacq:

“The exhibition transforms an old maintenance plant into a bedroom
where day and night, work and dreams trade with each other. The idle
machines become dioramas. The exhibition sets out to be a real
platform where the public and private spheres come together; personal
desires share the stage with public representation, marketing and
magical poetry, astronomy and archaeology.

Just as the former railway maintenance plant has now become a place of
artistic production, the exhibition goes beyond the fixed categories
that usually distinguish industry, craft and art, to offer an
indeterminate critical consideration of the artwork. The machines
surrounding it are still predominant, preventing a perception of total
detachment from the techniques that surround it.

Amid the controversy over the question of technique, ‘Your Memories
are our Future’, turns to the writer Alain Damasio from whom the
exhibition takes its title. Beyond the split between the championing
of the machine and reactionary pessimism, the social science fiction
author reminds us how even the imagination is unable to overcome a
‘mechanical‘ development during this present day era, based on the
‘world machine’.”

List of artists

Mathis Altmann: born in 1987 in Munich (Germany). Lives and works in
Zurich (Switzerland).

Darren Bader: born in 1978 in Bridgeport (USA). Lives and works in New
York City (USA).

Julie Beaufils: born in 1987 in Paris (France). Lives and works in Los
Angeles (USA).

Nina Beier: born in 1975 in Born (Danmark). Lives and works in Berlin

Bruno Botella: born in 1976 in Paris (France). Lives and works in

Jean-Alain Corre: born in 1981 in Landivisiau (France). Lives and
works in Paris (France).

Athene Galiciadis: born in 1978 in Zurich (Switzerland). Lives and
works in Zurich.

Dorian Gaudin: born in 1986 in Paris. Lives and works in New York

Ken Kagami: born in 1974 in Tokyo (Japan). Lives and works in Tokyo.

Tobias Madison: born in 1985 in Basel (Switzerland). Lives and works
in Zurich.

Emanuel Rossetti: born in 1987 in Basel (Switzerland). Lives and works
in Basel.

Mia Marfurt: born in 1985 in Zurich (Switzerland). Lives and works in

Anita Molinero: born in 1953 in Floirac (France). Lives and works in
Paris (France).

Shana Moulton: born in 1976 in Oakhurst (California, USA). Lives and
works in New-York and in California (USA).

Marina Pinsky: born in 1986 in Moscow (Russia). Lives and works in
Brussels (Belgium).

Pablo Réol: born in 1989 in Lyon (France). Lives and works in Lyon.

Maxime Rossi: born in 1980 in Lyon (France). Lives and works in Paris.